Our experience has been that using a SQL database with Vibe has made the product fragile because if any entries become corrupted or are missing in the sequential Principals table, the whole thing collapses. Therefore the only recovery model in Vibe is to restore the entire database from backup and lose data. There is no atomic cleanup model to determine what is corrupted or to decide to only recover or restore certain sections of data.

Other database models might ultimately be friendlier to Vibe. At the very least, the eDirectory / FLAIM data model allows for more atomic handling of objects. While I am always an advocate of eDirectory, other non-SQL (but not necessarily "NoSQL") databases -- many of them long-lived--also have these characteristics.

I would like for the Vibe team to explore other datastore options for their product, preferably something that can be bundled into a Vibe appliance with no further cost to the customer.


  • Well spoken, Johnnie. FLAIM is just another example of a piece of technology that did not live up to its potential in the manufacturers house. Wasn't there a thing like "full service directory" some years ago? Well, something of too late, the non-SQL databases are coming in from elsewhere ...