With reference to similar request in Novell-GW idea forum. (https://ideas.microfocus.com/MFI/novell-gw/Idea/Detail/587)

It would be great to have an integration to a meeting system like Skype for Business, Apache Open Meetings or similar.

For example could a meeting be scheduled from a Calendar entry where location is the meeting platform. The meeting system should not be a part of vibe, but a link to a separate installation.

Maybe it shouldn't be limited to one system, but an option at server installation to choose from a list of more common systems like Skype for Business, GototoMeeting, WebEx, WebCt, Saba Centra, Adobe Connect or open source systems like OpenMeetings.

This would bring the old "Teaming and conferencing" idea back in the game.

(SiteScape Forum had this integration with Centra :-))


  • This is a MUST HAVE to keep pace with competitors in the market, and to make these important features available to current users....Unless the feature set for integration with communications products such as Skype etc, is included I fear continued losses of customers...Vibe NEEDS conferencing and presence beyond what the current Novell Messenger integration can provide.