When you create or modify an entry this can be done from a new window, this new window has just the entry definition visiable and allows you to create or modify an entry etc.
This is not possible for viewing an entry, it would be great if it was possible for an entry to be viewed in its own window without the header, workspace bar etc. as it would allow for creating much neater envinronments and remove the crazy loading of the folder then the entry on to that that currently happens if you hyperlink to an entry.


  • Hm.. as far as I understand your request it might already help to change the "Entry Display" setting in your personal preferences. (click on your user name in the upper right corner -> "Entry Display" -> "Display in Content Area"). Is this what you're looking for?

  • Sadly not, even doing that it still loads the folder then the entry over the top.

    Also as it is a personal preference it is far too easy for someone to change the setting and anything you do with a dashboard that link directly to an entry is ruined and doesn't work as expected.