Currently only Groupwise is able to iframe Vibe, this is annoying as prevents the abiltiy to create a "clean" experience when making a dashboard style area.

For example:
A user is on a landing page and can view entries, you can frame a form view into a landing page, however if you want to view an entry (non modify view) this can't be frame you can to link making the user "jump" to a new place and can cause consistency issue with getting back to where they were.

If Vibe was allowed to "Frame" vibe like it did in 3.4 (i think) this wouldn't be an issue as you could frame in where you want and use Java script to close the frame when done.

From having a dig this seems to the IF statement that is preventing this:

if ( self != )
// GroupWise may run Vibe in an iframe. That is ok.
// Are we running inside GroupWise?
if ( 3 != 1 && false == false )
// No
alert( 'Micro Focus Vibe cannot be loaded in an iFrame. It will be loaded in the top window.' ); = self.location;


  • Yes, this fancy javascript-snippet is responsible for Vibe 4 not being loaded in an iFrame anymore. It definitely worked before (some Vibe 3.x version). How about adding a properties-setting to allow Vibe being shown in an iFrame if needed?

  • It would awesome to be able to do that, I can't see any value in blocking you from doing it or allowing both Groupwise and Vibe itself to do it as a nice user experience is so much easier to make if you can frame the bit of vibe into a landing page jsntead of having to jump out and add buttons to make people go back where you want them to go.