Make it easy to share files(pictures, documents, notes etc) from our Phone/Tablet with Vibe.

It can be used for quality documentation, innovation (pictures from competitors)

You can probably use the same code as the FiLR APP uses to place it in the right folder.

You you should be able to select quickly from your favorites/teams and also the whole directory structure.


  • I was incredibly impressed with the Vibe platform, until I realized that the mobile apps do not allow any sort of downloading, editing or uploading of new files/pictures. This seems to me an incredibly rudimentary feature to be lacking, and makes the mobile app next to useless, in my opinion. PLEASE implement the ability to at least upload files.

  • Actually Vibe has a nice SOAP interface and we have build our own APP that can upload and share pictures with Vibe.

  • This would require an organization to have the ability to do that sort of custom setup (my SMB unfortunately does not). Something so basic as adding/downloading a file should be supported out of the box, in my opinion. I am very surprised to find that isn't the case.

  • You can download and even view f.x. excel files and so on from the APP and even without the APP, by just accessing the vibe site it will switch to mobile mode.

    If you want filr functionality mirror a shared folder i both systems.

    If you want to upload from mobile, setup a folder in Vibe to receive by e-mail and share with e-mail from you mobile to send it to Vibe.

    Perhaps later this year Zispa will release an APP that can upload by sharing with it to Vibe.

    Actually we are in the process of build company specific APP where customers can interact with the internal organisation thru an APP service that talks to Vibe.

  • Thanks for that info. I may have to test the email capability, to see if its a viable option for us. I have not been able to get the app to download files on IOS, but have been able to on Android devices. This is almost pointless though, if we cannot edit and then save the changes to Vibe. The problem that I have with the email or switch-to-full-site-view methods, is that most of my end users are not tech savvy, so adding those hoops to jump through is a big headache for all. It just seems like such a basic capability to be lacking. I hope that Microfocus can make this available soon. I may look into the mirrored folder approach, but that again is quite a few hoops to jump through on the admin side (when it seems like it should support something so basic, out of the box). Thanks again for the input.

  • Actually we use Vibe to replace old document tools like word and excel and make online forms to replace these and get them into a workflow.

    By not using documents you have information at your finger tips and can make decisions quicker online.