Just like other folders you should be able to display photo galleries on landing pages with their content. e.g. latest five or six pictures. Options like grid view or slideshow would be nice.


  • We have already developed a photo gallery feature. The current version is a jsp that you can place it in the Form/View Designer of the Photo folder or you can simply place the jsp on a Landing Page. In the first case it will display a slideshow with all the pictures from the current Photo folder. In the second case you have to specify the Binder Id of a Photo folder as a parameter, so it will know from where to pick up photos.
    In both cases you can specify an additional parameter "type", which can have the following values:

    type=1 will display a big slideshow (size is auto for width and 600px for height - these values are changeable).

    type=2 will display a small horizontal slideshow (auto x 200px)

    type=3 will display a small vertical slideshow (width = 300px and height = auto);

    We also developed an advanced version, which includes the autoupdating feature. After showing all the pictures from a Photo Folder it will automatically update the Landing Page without reloading the page, so it will always show the newly added pictures in that folder.

    If you are interested or you want to see a live demo please contact Frank on email: fhc@zispa.dk or on mobile: +45 4037 9799