Just like in Filr, I would like to create a file on my mobile device. Store it locally on the device and then have the Vibe app Sync that to my personal workspace.

The use case would be to browse to our department folder and find my meeting documents. Open and annotate them, and then save them to my device and let the Vibe App sync that to my personal workspace on Vibe. The reason not to save them in the location they where opened is that 1) the annotations are oftenly private, and 2) the published document is in a shared folder, so there could be a chance annotations are overwritten by other meeting attendees.

This way the hotshots in our organisation would have a personal online backup of their annotated files, without even giving it a lot of thought.


  • I was incredibly impressed with the Vibe platform, until I realized that the mobile apps do not allow any sort of downloading, editing or uploading of new files/pictures (as could be facilitated by a synced folder, or other method). This seems to me an incredibly rudimentary feature to be lacking, and makes the mobile app next to useless in my opinion.