Problem Description:
Sometimes users accidentally delete files on the vibe server. That's why we have file level backup and database backup to a second server.
But if deleted file had some metadata (comments, version history )when file is restored, metadata is lost.

Proposed Solution:
It would be nice to have a utility like "GroupWise restore area", where the user could restore files with metadata .


  • Rostore with Same Id would be great.

  • We also need this function, great idea

  • Procédures pour restauration d'archives Vibe

  • The lack of "single item with all info" proper restore is a showstopper for some of our clients.

  • We need such. We also have Retain for GroupWise so it would be great if Retain would be able to archive Vibe content and even send lost data back in case of a (accidental) removal.