• Completed


    Upgrade the TinyMCE editor to the newest version and enale auto-save

    It seems that Vibe is using TinyMCE as the editor for alle entries in Vibe. It would be nice to upgrade to a newer version af TinyMCE and also to enable the Auto-save ...

  • Completed


    Possibility to adjust size of the column

    It would be great if you can resize the width left colomn. Especially when a workspace contains multiply folders, the names disappear behind the fixed width. Dragging ...

  • Completed


    Remove the Java Runtime Requirement From All Vibe Operations/Functions

    The ability to edit documents in place (such as using the "Edit This File" link), still requires the Java Runtime in Vibe 4.0. This means that it no longer works in the ...

  • Completed


    New versions of Chrome can no longer edit documents

    The new versions of Chrome no longer support NPAPI plugins so the "Edit this document" link no longer works. There is currently a work-around but Chrome version 45 will ...

  • Completed


    More icons on Workflow diagram

    It would be kind of cool to have a couple of more icons on the workflow, when you explain what happens to the cutomers. For instance, a little yellow postit for were ...

  • Completed


    Copy folder and workspace including rights.

    In Vibe 3.4 if you made a copy of a folder or workspace. If explicitly rights had been set to a folder or workspace it copied the rights along. In Vibe 4.0.0 and higher ...

  • Completed


    Support of OpenLDAP is mandatory

    Hello, The OpenLDAP support is mandatory for us to upgrade to Vibe 4.0. Thanks and Regards, Daniel

  • Completed


    Vibe 4: Please fix a defect link behavior in html editor in workspaces ...

    Hi, in workspaces on pages written with the embedded HTML-Editor I have a problem with normal links which links to an anchor further down on the same page. When you ...

  • Completed


    Support for Microsoft SQL2016

    As we are migrate our SQL Server to 2016 it would be great to have it supported as database platform.

  • Completed


    External Users read in via a LDAP Source like Access Manager

    For some customers it is _not_ possible to create external users by there own (Vibe 3.4) or the self-registration page (Vibe 4.0) is not useful enough. For those ...

  • Completed


    Real-time Messaging Option

    Much like Slack, or HipChat, or Campfire (for Basecamp), the ability to have a folder or workspace for a stream of messages that a group can use to hash out specific ...

  • Completed


    Enable Mark All Read in Vibe 4.x

    There was a Mark All Read button in Vibe 3.x. I suggest enabling it back in Vibe 4.x