I have updated from builds in the past that has caused problems that were there from a previous build. I want to be able to roll back to the stable version update. IE 550 from 574.


  • This should (for example) be possible with the upcoming SMG appliance based on SLES 12 leveraging BTRFS.

  • What about VM snapshots?

  • Always snapshot before update/upgrade, but I think the idea here is that you might loose quarantined mails going back to an older snap while a rollback method could help in downgrading (unless the DB schema is extended etc). Might be needed to create multiple smaller parts which you can update independant, but then on the radar is plitting into docker/services/.. anyway so I feel this could be looked at that point.

  • No, I am not really interested in adding more cost to provide a rollback method buy adding in a cloud service.

  • Not talking about more costs. Cloud is a stretch anyway, which can be on premise too (your own DC), I was not referring to a hosted service to solve this:) Docker virtializes the service on top of an OS making roll forward and back easier and is part of SLES or any other modern Linux distro, so you could even choose your preferred one. GroupWise WebAccess which is not in tech preview leverages Docker too.