The deployment workbench needs visual improvements to make it easier to read! A "snap to grid" at a minimum would help the layout. An "auto arrange" that would analyze connections and move boxes to make the connections as short as possible would be great. Another thought: it would also be nice to have a box drawn around individual groups of filters/services/exceptions and be able to move the box (which would move the contents of the box). If an item within the box was connected to an item in another box, the two boxes would then redraw into a single box.

Really at this point, anything would be an improvement. It is really hard to follow the filter layout as is. I like this method of creating filters, it just needs to be visually/graphically improved for more ease of use!


  • FYI, snap to grid is available. At the bottom right of the workbench between the scroll bars you'll see a grid pattern. Click that to toggle the grid snap on/off.

  • Wonder when they added that? I couldn't find anything in the update history about it. That's a little better.