We need the SMF to "tell" the GWIA the message status so tge GWIA can forward the information to the user mailbox and the message status can be updates accordingly. The wat the user can tell from the message status where the message is.

This IDEA started with losing the GWIA scanner in SMG 7 which was an integrated part of GWAVA/SMG up to version 6.x. We use this only for outbound mail scanning. The reason we've setup outbound mail in such a way is that it has the benefit that messages are scanned only in this direction while maintaining the GroupWise statuses in the mailbox for "Transferred"; meaning the message has really left the GW system and so the company and if there is a problem this is always with the recipient side. We do not want an outbound appliance in between the GWIA and the internet as this could "tell" the user the message is Transferred, but in the mean time the Appliance could have blocked it anyway. In that vase the user and admin have to keep an eye on the appliance for outbound blocked mail. A minute phone call with the helpdesk/admin can tell the user "transferred" always means a missing message is a problem on the recipient site. With a GWIA Scanner in place and a situation where a message get blocked by GWAVA/SMG the GroupWise message status will be "On the way", which is telling the user the message has not yet left the GW system. So both the admin and the user now know the issue is "internal" and in that case never with the recipient side. This makes troubleshooting a lot easier and take away a lot of discussion "where" the issue is and "who" is responsible. That also saves customers (could be expensive) inventigation by a 3th party even if teh result is the problem is with the recipient. This has proven to be very effective in the past where a customer called the servicedesk/admin telling "Outbound mail is not working!" when they send a mail and the recipient did not recieve such. The only question to ask now is what the message status in the (web) mail client is, and in that says "transferred" we can say for sure it left the company and the problem is "on the other side"

So if is is decided there is no GWIA scanner an it has convincing benefits to leverage SMG relaying messages outbound then we need to enhance the GWIA and SMG in such a way it is able to tell the GroupWise system where the message is.