Unfortunately, it is annoying that as a system administrator the access to the QMS or the message tracker is only possible in a new session after re-login. In GWAVA6, access was better solved.


  • Please allow us to switch between admin consoles from within each other.

  • Larie's suggestion would be great! I sometimes open a different browser to access two consoles, but it is a pain.

  • In times of SSO, it could integration into TDPs Keyshield ...

  • We would prefer if it was resolved within the product itself Marc C.

  • I mean the SSO should be integrated into the product like it is already in GroupWise 2014 and 18 and as well in Retain, etc. Dev. knows how to do it.

  • Oh yes. Good point Marc. I agree!

  • I re-read your comment and yes, you're right, it should allow multiple sessions in a browser from an admin for better handling. SSO would only improve the re-login process which should not be necessary.

  • 1) For SMG only a single login should be needed to access any portal
    2) For SSO I would like Micro Focus to stick with their own products first like Access Manager and Secure Login