On the old Gwava 6, there was an Report-Service, where you can create daily, weekly or monthly Reports, for the most active senders and recipents and you can see how many mails pass trough the System in a period of time.

I think the most of the administrators want these tool back in SMG


  • must have !!!!!

  • Also to show the logs without having to download and decipher these!

  • Yes, we need reporting cabability. I need to check daily if important messages were blocked.

  • A report is critical. I need to be notified daily of blocked messages in order to check for important ones.

  • I'm pretty sure it will come including the system status dashboard. The question is how high is it on the priority list.
    This should be answered by the PM (Colin) or Mike Bills !

  • those reports are indeed critical - without daily status SMG can not supersede GWAVA 6...!