Would like the SMG service to add support for the SMTP Submission Port (IP Port 587) so it can service our small business customers (and customers running a GroupWise test lab in their home office) that have standard Internet service where IP Port 25 is blocked.

This will allow the SMG customer to have their on-site SMTP gateway connect to the SMG service on IP Port 587. Then the SMG service then connects to the target recipients Internet domain SMTP gateway on the regular IP Port 25.

Many other SMTP AV/SPAM cloud providers support this IP Port 587 as an alternative for their customer that has an ISP blocking IP Port 25.


The reverse direction is also being asked for.

Allow the SMG customer to have the SMG service connect to their on-site SMTP gateway(s) using an IP Port other than 25 (i.e. 2525, 587, etc).


  • This can be achieved already. Adding :587 to the bind address in the SMTP interface will change the port it listens for traffic on. In addition, multiple SMTP interfaces can be configured on different ports to accommodate any combination of bind addresses and port numbers.