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    Secure Messaging Gateway needs to provide more details regarding ...

    Message Tracker in Secure Messaging Gateway lists the filters that apply to an email - such as which filter caused it to be blocked. But it does not show any detail so we ...

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    Unfortunately, it is annoying that as a system administrator the access to the QMS or the message tracker is only possible in a new session after re-login. In GWAVA6, ...

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    Reports in SMG (daily, weekly, monthly)

    On the old Gwava 6, there was an Report-Service, where you can create daily, weekly or monthly Reports, for the most active senders and recipents and you can see how many ...

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    Support for SMTP Submission Port (IP Port 587)

    Would like the SMG service to add support for the SMTP Submission Port (IP Port 587) so it can service our small business customers (and customers running a GroupWise ...

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    Add DLP capability

    I would like to see DLP added to the SMG product so I do not have to use a separate vendor product to scan my SMTP streams for DLP.