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    Fully featured Mac desktop client

    Whilst there are plans to allow native Mac apps to talk to GroupWise for email, contacts, calendar, etc. we still need a fully featured Mac desktop client to replace the ...

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    Fully featured Linux desktop client

    We still need a fully featured Linux desktop client to replace the one that hasn't been developed since (or was removed from) GroupWise 8!

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    Signature Templates

    Create a "template" solution for a system wide signature using variables. For example, Administrators could set a template that looked like this: <first_name> ...

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    Send Files Messenger

    Provide the ability to send files in Messenger

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    Variables in Global Signatures

    Would love to see a variable based global signature and ability to prevent users form creating a new one. Global one would use brackets to pull data from ldap source ...

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    Be able to strip attachment from a received e-mail

    I'd like to be able to retain the text/html body of an email but be able to remove the attachment. Sometimes I get a large attachment which I may save separately and I'd ...

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    Send Images in Messenger

    Provide the ability to send an image in messenger. For the Mobile Client provide ability to send pictures from the mobile device

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    "From" other email address

    Make it possible to use other account in the from field if user got proxy rights for this.

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    Set attachment default save location

    I would like to set a default save location for attachments. Preferably this should be able to be controlled centrally via the Client Options in the Admin Console. That ...

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    REMOTE SEARCH FEATURE for Emails and Calendar via GMS and ActiveSync ...

    the loooong awaited REMOTE SEARCH FEATURE for Emails and Calendar via GMS and ActiveSync 14.x (like Exchange and Domino can do) Thanks

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    Complex Rules in WebAccess

    I would like the same rules creation features in Webaccess that the client has. I want to be able to create and edit rules regardless of them being created in the ...

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    Merge contacts in address book with the same name

    As a GroupWise user I want to be able to merge contacts in personal address books that have the same name so that I can clean up my address book.

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    Messenger support Messages to offline Users

    Actually you cant send messages to offline users. It would be great if the message would be transferd when the user come online.

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    In 2014 Admin Console - Want a "Help Desk" Administration level

    Administrators - More ACL wanted for Help Desk personnel. I just upgraded a 10,500 user system from GW 8.0.2 to GW 14.0.1. They do not like that they have to give their ...

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    Webaccess - Drag and drop files when composing email to attach

    Would like to be able to drag a file from the desktop and drop into a compose message in the WebAccess client and attach it like in the windows client.

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    Put Novell GroupWise Address Book back in the search order.

    The Novell GroupWise Address Book always used to be part of the Address book search order but now is always searched last. Give use the ability to change the order the ...

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    Welcome Message sent to new Users upon creation of account

    Would like the ability when creating a user to have a standard Terms of Service e-mailed to the user by the system. Currently after creating the user, needs to login to ...

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    Lync (now Skype for Business) needs to be integrated into groupwise

    I have a valued Novell customer using GroupWise and they are very happy with this solution. BUT now they have been using LYNC for video conferencing. The Head of ITT has ...

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    CAPTCHA against Groupwise Web Access Brute Force Attacks

    As implemented in filr, it would be very helpful after a period (settable) of false logins on the Web Access, a CAPTCHA request should appear. Example of filr ...

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    Native Android Groupwise Client

    Please make a native Android Groupwise Client.