Be able to push display properties of a folder to all folders.


  • This ability would really be helpful. I have users with random folders where the display format changed after upgrading to GroupWise 18; one guy has over 100 folders and at least 1/3 now display in a new format with message preview, group labels and summary format (which he hates). He (the owner of the company) is annoyed that he has to manually fix all his folders.

    Even if this ability were only a gwcheck special option, it would be better than no ability at all to do this. Of course having it user-facing would be better, maybe set the properties of a top-level folder (which could be the Mailbox or Cabinet itself), then a right-click menu option to apply the settings to all sub-folders.

  • Great idea!

  • A person using a lot of folders and for example based on clients regulary making new folders is realy suffering of this limitation.
    In fact the possibillity to change the (wrong) default setting should be enoughor indeed "for all subfolders "

  • We are facing the same issue, this limit us from pushing GroupWise 2018 out

  • We also need this feature to deploy Groupwise 18. Default Folder Setting in Option and Settings to all Subfolders.

  • The new GW2018 is awful!!! We need a way to push the 2018 client and still have it look like GW 2014

  • We are facing this with multiple customers, and don't think this is user friendly at all - users should have the option to choose the layout of all folders in one go. Thanks Volkmar

  • We need this feature

  • i agree 100 %!
    including a possibility to set the default column order back to name/subject/date instead of gw18-default subject/name/date...

  • It's necessary!

  • Absolutely.

  • also, it should include shared folders.

  • A MUST !

  • I finally upgraded my client to 18 and now I have random folders that have the "new" look. This is definitely needed so people can apply one standard look to ALL folders!

  • There is a related idea at

  • WE are not rolling out the GW 2018 client and staying on the 2014 client because of this exact issue and the horrible new find function.

  • Our users need this option too (see SR101219638865) !

  • closely related would be the ability to set a default format for new folders. one of my users creates new folders all the time, and has to manually fix the display format every time. while I personally like *some* of the 18 features, overall I'm getting a lot of pressure to go back to 2014R2 which I'm really trying to avoid

  • We are not going to roll out the GW 18 client until this issue is fixed.

  • There should be a client or server option to revert back to the "old" gw 2014 view. Also new folders should able to create with the old view.
    We are unable to rollout the gw 18 client with this new, awful, view.

  • We are also not going to roll out the GW 18 client until this issue is fixed.

  • Novell please let users decide what properties they want this soon

  • would be so helpful and would sure help our users.

  • We are staying on the 2014 client and not rolling out the GW 2018 client because of this. The awful new folder view was a horrible idea.

  • This is a critical feature! Please add it ASAP! Otherwise, our end-users are going to force us to change to another e-mail solution. Very bad idea to have over-looked this feature!!!!!!!!

  • We are implementing two changes for the 18.2 Release that will impact this request. The first is that when you create a new folder it will inhereit the settings of the parent folder. The second is that you can set a folder settings and then apply all of those settings / views to all folders of the same type.

  • I truly thank you for your consideration on this!

  • Good job. Waiting for 18.2 Release

  • The described changes should fully address this issue. Hope the wait won't be tool long.

  • This is available in the GroupWise Admin with the 18.2 release on 10/31/2019.