When a user is in their GroupWise Windows client and the "Show Messenger presence" is enabled by the GW administrator.

For the Windows user to see a users IM presence status (Online, Away, Busy, Offline), they have to mouse over the users name in the address list of a Sent or Received message or appointment. In the System Address Book you would have to mouse over *every* user to determine their IM presence status.

Make it so a users name in the address list of an Email or Appointment shows some IM indicator at that level with no mouse over required. Show an added IM Dot color of Green, Yellow, Red, Gray X (respectively -> Online, Away, Busy, Offline). Or no Dot or X if they are not an IM allocated user.

Do the same Dot coloring in the System Address Book long user list. A quick glace at the user list of employees will show their IM presence with no mouse over action required.

The FirstClass email/IM system does this today.


  • I hope this feature is added in Messenger "Wasatch" release. It just makes the product that much better while in the GroupWise collaboration client.