We have been discussing possible enhancements to Forward/Forward as attachment relating to discussion threading. We would like some feedback on how they should work:

1. Forward as attachment from the list - Forward as attachment forwards the entire conversation as individual attachments. The recipient (if using GroupWise) sees a message with just the root items of the conversations/ If one of these attachments is opened, the forwarded conversation displays as a unit (replies shown inline etc). This may have a setting to control it.
2. Perhaps a forward option in the reply boxes in the conversation? We could have an option that would flat forward any part of the conversation and all it's children. The same option on the bottom of the conversation reply box would forward the entire conversation. In this scenario, these would get threaded into the conversation, but actions done on the list or individual items wouldn't.

3. Perhaps an option to display forwarded items within the conversation, or as separate threads of their own.