When using quick reply you can enter recipients only in the "to:" field.
There's no CC and BCC field.

Please add the possibility to edit/add recipients in CC and BCC.


  • In fact this worked in GroupWise 18, but not since GW 18.1. It is beyond me why this must be listed as an enhancement request for a feature that is pretty standard when communicating. I regard this as a defect.

  • Never had 18.0. I was told in forum, this is WAD and I can make a request.

  • Agree with Cobus, this is a defect.

  • It sounds like this was a behavior change that the engineers chose to make, when from one perspective is WAD and not a coding 'defect', where as those of us using the feature need it, rendering this design choice 'defective', in which this enhancement request IS the appropriate path to communicate it rather than in the bug tracking system (Bugzilla).