In GWIA Access Control, for a CoS, an exception list can be made. Our list is very large (over 300 lines). Currently in GW18.1 the list is not sorted. Finding a existing line to change/delete is very time intensive and hard on the eyes. Please make this list auto sort. It was auto sorted in ConsoleOne with GW8.


  • Maybe allow the exception list to reference a GW DL, which should be a top level nested DL. This way less admins need to GWADmin login to update an exception list. An authorized user can add/change/delete to the GW DL list, no need to login to the GWADmin console. And viewing the DL is already auto sorted on the GWClient.

  • Since I can high-lite the full exception list and put it into an Excel sheet for sorting, It would be great if we can delete the whole list and import a sorted list from Excel CSV or from a text file (Windows notepad or Linux txt file). Or import and overwrite the current list.