When a user sets up a rule for example to forward messages, the user is allowed to select groups (distribution lists) from the GAL. To my disappointment it has turned out that the members of the groups will never change after the rule has been set up. So the administrator can add/remove members to the group via the admin console, but the members of the group in the actual rule of a mailbox will never change. This behavior is not documented. I had to open a SR to have information about it.
My idea is either one of the following:
- Document this behavior and make sure that end users don't think that the members of the selected groups in the rules will change. Maybe a small popup with a hint is enough.
- Don't allow to select groups in rules.
- If it is allowed to select groups, then expand the group into the members, and don't display the group in to,cc,bc lines. Just the members. This way the user will not think that the group members will ever change.
- Implement this feature as it should be. If a users sets up a rule to forward messages to a group, then update this group every time the admin updates the members via admin console.

We used the feature to forward incoming emails from a central mailbox to every member of a department. If people enter or leave a department the rule doesn't need to be changed. Or at least we thought.


  • I would like to vote for "Implement this feature as it should be". The name of the group is static, but it's members are dynamic. Do the lookup at the moment the POA needs it, and act on that list.