the web interface should show only one window for tree, mail list and content like other web interfaces (e.g. content in a frame below the mail list). At the moment, each opened mail results in a separate window and results in a huge stack of mails, this is not ergonomic at the moment


  • I have the same problem!!!
    The web interface do not show that letter, content of that email, on which the cursor stand!!!
    Why do not possible to read that email, to show "preview window", as other, normal mail programs???
    Nekem is ez a problémám!!!
    A webes felület nem mutatja azt a levelet, annak az emailnek a tartalmát, amin áll a cursor!!!
    Miért nem lehet olvasni azt a levelet, "betekintÅ‘" ablakot mutatni, mint más, normális levelezÅ‘programban???