RE: Social Threading Issue

Many of our users Resend a past sent items and customize the Subject, Content or Distribution List slightly and resend (they do not retract original unless they are correcting errors). They use the "Resend" feature like a template for new mails.

Unfortunately with the newer windows clients (18.x) which offer the social threading feature, this means that these resent messages are grouped within the original "social threat" -- instead of creating a new message grouping.

This has led to constant confusion, and for very long email strings, the social thread is not intuitive.

I believe the fix is to either treat the resent mail as a completely new message record (unless they retract original) OR an alternative is to offer a "Resend New" option that accomplishes the same.


  • If you want to duplicate a previously sent message, there is a separate option called 'Duplicate Message' that does this already and should avoid the linking of the previous message that doing a Resend does.

  • Thanks, Rodney. We missed that completely and we've only been using this product since version 5.1. Insert meme here where the IS&T team is smacking it's collective forehead....