We want the possibilty to completly disable the vacation rule in the Client under Tools / Vacationsrule...

This option is for our users very confusing, especially the tab "external user".
Many user open the vacationrule, activate it, change the text below and close the windows. They forget the external user tab and so very old reply-messages leave our system.
This is very embarrassing, so we told our users not to use this function. But from vacation to the next vacation they forget......


  • This sounds like an official vacation rule training and policy needs to be put in place.
    Also of note, if Reply to External Users is enabled, but subject and message are left blank, it simply uses the text from the Main/internal vacation message.

  • I agree fifty-fifty.

    An option to disable the vacation wizzard would be good. In our case users should always exclude the internal HelpDesk mail address from their out-of-office rule. As far as I know that couldn't be done with the wizzard at the moment, so often users just ignore that point.
    If I could "remove" the "Tools -> Vacationsrule wizzard" they have to use the normal rules feature and for that we hand out manuals how to create a vacation rule.

    So in short: Please add an option to the "Tools -> Vacationsrule wizzard" to exclude mail addresses from the list or give us an option to remove the wizzard from client.