can you add support for system wide calendar that would be possible to add to selected users in administration console?

Use case: Company wide events, team events, birhdays, namedays etc.

Now we have only two options. Sharing calendar to selected users or make resource granting read only proxy access to selected users. Painfull on both solutions is that in former one people have to accept it from mailbox and in case they accidentaly delete it, it must be shared again. With resource solution, people have to manualy add proxy calendar of resource to client.

This is complicated from administration point of view.

Possibility to configure these system calendars for new users on postoffice/domain level at creation time would be awsome. I can imagine doing the same with addressbooks with external adresses as well. Teams usually communicate with many external users so keeping centraly managed addressbooks for teams would be great as well as polluting global addressbook is not necessary.

The least what could be done is to give admins modify access to user proxy list in administration console as the read-only one is not very usefull.

Thank you