Very important to significantly rise up reliability of GroupWise infrastructure.


  • Your asking a lot here. GroupWise Monitor (GWM) can barely monitor GroupWise today. I do not think a developer has touched GWM in a decade. GWM does not know how to recognize the GWDVAs in the wpdomain.db. The DVAs have to be added manually. GWM does not even expose the gwha feature in the GWM application GUI. GWM does not log when the gwha does something. GWM does not send an email alter that it did a gwha action. No gwha status or stats are show in the GWM GUI. When you change a GW Service in GWM to the "Suspend" state so you can do maintenance to that service, one would assume that the gwha feature would not apply to that suspended service, but it still does and will restart that service when you did not want it to. It seems that new features and new TeamWorks code is higher priority than fixing the current issues in the product.

  • I think the idea is that Redline is to planned to replace this