New to GW18 is a link to this Ideas Portal (from Idea 12288) in at least the WebAccess client. While some administrators like this, many don't want it there and for some it causes more frustration than it helps as some users will think it is their own helpdesk and be displeased with the response speed.
So we would like to be able to Turn it OFF. Having such a link in any of the clients should be a configurable option, not just forced on us all.


  • A lot of my customers have been using this "Training and Tutorials" (as it is still referred to within the GroupWise 18.0.1 Administration Console) for pointing to the customers Intranet web page that has the Email FAQ, Tips and Tricks, and Email Policy. This was the Benniecap Icon within the GW Windows Client and WebAccess, now its a Lightbulb Icon. Now the Icon pop up is always telling the end user its "Ideas Forum (submit an enhancement request)" which would not be the case when the GW Admin has the URL defined within the GroupWise Admin Console. So now its more confusing to the end user when the GWAdmin has this pointing to the companies Intranet web page for Email information.

  • For info, TID 7023631 ( covers changing the link.

  • Same here we used it for Training and Tutorials which was much more effective for the users. I would love to be able to switch that back.

  • The TID Marcus linked to previously does work for the link in the Client's help menu, but does not change the link in Webaccess in 18.
    This makes it even MORE confusing, now that it points to different places in Desktop vs Web.

  • Bug #1121885 logged to cover WebAccess inconsistency; TID updated with same.

  • In addition to making it optional (like a check box to turn it on or off)... it would be nice if we could change what the label says. Right now mine says "Ideas Forum (enhancement requests)" but it points to our internal wiki which is for help not enhancements. Its a little frustrating that the purpose was changed from help to enhancements. Or better yet, give us two Admin defined URLs. One for the Ideas forum and one for Help. Let the admin turn each one on or off and let the admin define the URL.