Only the Main folder has the option for "GW2014 Default" but would like it for the subfolders as well.
Even better would be the option to set display defaults for new folders being created.


  • There is a related idea at

  • This is the # one reason we are not moving from the 2014 client to the 2018 client.

  • Our users need this option too (see SR101219638865) !

  • There should be a client or server option to revert back to the "old" gw 2014 view. Also new folders should able to create with the old view.
    We are unable to rollout the gw 18 client with this new, awful, view.

  • We are not going to roll out the GW 18 client with the hardcoded new view style.

  • Will not roll out new client until this BUG is fixed.

  • I strongly agree, this is really annoying and a lot wast of time to fix all folders

  • this is so insane. please Novell let the user decide what view is best ti use and let customer do this on a folder based decicion ...

  • This does need to be changed immediately as our staff is highly upset that this feature is no longer available. In fact, we are seriously working on migrating away from GroupWise, which we have used for over 20+ years. What a shame to lose such a loyal customer and reseller over such a standard feature that is virtually included in every other e-mail client that I am aware of.

  • We are implementing two changes for the 18.2 Release that will impact this request. The first is that when you create a new folder it will inhereit the settings of the parent folder. The second is that you can set a folder settings and then apply all of those settings / views to all folders of the same type.

  • This is available in the GroupWise 18.2 release on 10/31/2019