Why two solutions?

Yes, they each serve a slightly different purpose,


... users hate to access two distinct apps/webpages/applications. They want personal messaging and group/room collaboration in one unified experience.

There is some integration between Groupwise, Vibe and Filr which makes life/work easier. Messenger and Teamworks should be integrated as well to create a more productive and frictionless experience.

Reduce the number of logins, reduce the number of apps/applications, ...


  • Cause it is in the DNA of MF to invent products that do the same, just slightly different && (on purpose?) do not really integrate with the other products JUST CAUSE they are in another product-group. Something like "not invented here" syndrome I guess.

    The whole situation with GW/Teamworks/Vibe/Filr/Messager is turning into a new mess. We've been discussing data silo's for over a decade; GW document Management, OES/Win, iFolder, then Vibe vs Filr etc. Despite the promises there has been minimal progress. At least Filr works with existing files instead of duplicating stuff in a new silo. Instead of leveraging Filr, Teamworks has it's own apps and store so it's getting even harder to explain what to choose.

    So YES these products need te be integrated instead of duplicated. We then can talk about a solution instead of products.

  • We're looking at TeamWorks but really need it to integrate with the other products. A Messenger Groupchat is no different from a Teamworks chat.