When a user has a rule (such as a vacation rule) that auto-replies to emails, GroupWise needs to add header information to the outgoing email to define this email as rule generated. We use KnowBe4 for phishing testing and KnowBe4 looks for information in the header so it knows whether a user replied to an email or whether it was an auto reply. The headers need to include one of the following: "Auto-Submitted" or "X-Autoreply" or "X-Autorespond".


  • Just as a further note, KnowBe4 does this because Outlook and some other mail clients include one of those headers settings. So it would be helpful for our training purposes if GroupWise supported this also.

  • I found a work-around that I believe may remove the need for this enhancement. In the GWIA Access Control, there is a place to specify IP addresses that should not receive rule generated messages. Not sure why I never saw that before. I have added the KnowBe4 IP addresses to this list. Assuming it works as I expect, this should permit user generated replies to get to KnowBe4, but rule-generated replies to be blocked.