It would be nice if appointments / meetings could be set to send an email prior to the event happening. In addition to a check mark for "Alarm", it would be nice if that item could be extended with "Email notification". Then selecting that would set up "Send an email XXX hours before". If multiple email notifications could be defined, that would be best.

The problem I am trying to solve is that some people barely have any meetings on their calendar - so they don't look at their calendar. But then someone does schedule a meeting for them (and it could be located two hours away from their office), and the person misses the meeting. A solution to this would be for the appointment to send an email to the person the day of, or some other time.

This is a feature that other email systems have; when creating / accepting the meeting, they get an option to have an email sent 4 hours prior (or 24 hours prior) (or several emails at various times prior).

Although the person doesn't look at their calendar, they DO read their emails. So if the email reminds them that they have an off-site meeting tomorrow, they won't miss it.

At the moment, the only solution is to use Notify to send an SMS. But that doesn't do any good if the person is two hours away, and Notify is warning them they have 15 minutes to get there.