We have buildings with multiple departments within them, and each department owns various conference rooms (Resources). The resource owners would like to configure rules for the resources, so that meetings from people in the same post office as the resource get automatically accepted; but, meetings from people in other post offices don't get automatically accepted. (Presumably, the acceptance rule would have an action "stop rule processing", and the rule AFTER that would be a Reply rule that says "Please contact Alice to reserve this room").

The value is that people within a department don't have to bother Alice to book "their" conference room, but people outside the department do.

This rule condition would be very similar to the rule condition "View = Internet". But instead of looking at the View property, it would look at the sender GroupWise Post Office Name property.

Although the application I desire is for Resource reservations, the condition could be used in other creative ways. For example, if the legal counsel people are all on their own post office (ditto A Level executives), then the condition could let a rule apply different categories depending on originating post office. This also lets the department (post office) add and retire people without manually updating the rules that act on the membership.