• Planned


    Send Files Messenger

    Provide the ability to send files in Messenger

  • Planned


    Send Images in Messenger

    Provide the ability to send an image in messenger. For the Mobile Client provide ability to send pictures from the mobile device

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    Share Messenger history between clients

    How to use modern chat without shared history? If you have mobile app and desktop app, is not possible to remember where is conversation, is not possible to continue in ...

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    Messenger support Messages to offline Users

    Actually you cant send messages to offline users. It would be great if the message would be transferd when the user come online.

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    Upload photos to messenger

    We would love to be able to upload photos to messenger or import them from eDirectory.

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    Message push support for Android

    Add message push support for Android via Google GCM so that new messages arrive even when the app is not running. Now the app gets closed by Android after some time and ...

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    Integrate Messenger with Novell Filr for securely transferring files

    Leveraging the existing security and usability of the current software stacks (authenticated user that can access authorised files using a secure internet protocol), ...

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    Integrate messenger client into GroupWise client

    Hi, Currently Messenger 2018 has a seperate client which has to be installed next to GroupWise. Instead of a seperate client it should be integrated into the GroupWise ...

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    Messenger and Teamworks should be merged

    Why two solutions? Yes, they each serve a slightly different purpose, But ... users hate to access two distinct apps/webpages/applications. They want personal ...

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    spell checker for messenger

    Need a spell checker while within the chat rooms or at least a feature to highlight potentially misspelled words.

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    Allow using Chat in mobile Messenger App

    Please allow using the Chat in the mobile Messenger App. The app can already use the group conversation. Please add the Chat functionality, too. Thank you

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    Messenger - Better IM Presence status indicator in GroupWise Windows ...

    When a user is in their GroupWise Windows client and the "Show Messenger presence" is enabled by the GW administrator. For the Windows user to see a users IM presence ...

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    support for whatsapp

    it would be great, if messenger can work with whatsapp or could mirror whatsapp contacts and chats. Goal: no more need for using whatsapp.

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    old entries to new user in group

    When you add a user to a group, you can choose to see only the future or the past entries to him. Adjustable as long as to be shown back.

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    Display Messenger users Photo in the Messenger Contact Properties

    The GroupWise system offers a user photo in the System Address Book today and it displays the photo in the various GW clients. Would like the same exact photo capability ...

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    Messenger - Video Chat

    Add Video Chat option to Messenger Note: Make it HIPPA compliant

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    Messenger Emoticons

    Would like support for more emoticons in Messenger With the Mobile apps support the Android, IOS, Blackberry emoticons

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    SSO for Messenger

    Have an SSO for Messenger like the Groupwise one.

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    Create Messenger-Only-Users Authenticating against eDirectory

    Starting with Messenger 18 you can only create a user who has a Groupwise Account or you have to give him a separate password. I want to be able to create a messenger ...

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    Bulk GW and Messenger user association

    When migrating Messenger to version 18 you get separate Messenger users, which you have to associate to GW users ONE BY ONE. It would be nice if there was a way to bulk ...