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    Fully featured Mac desktop client

    Whilst there are plans to allow native Mac apps to talk to GroupWise for email, contacts, calendar, etc. we still need a fully featured Mac desktop client to replace the ...

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    Fully featured Linux desktop client

    We still need a fully featured Linux desktop client to replace the one that hasn't been developed since (or was removed from) GroupWise 8!

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    Conversation Threading: Add Quick reply edit "cc" and "bcc"

    When using quick reply you can enter recipients only in the "to:" field. There's no CC and BCC field. Please add the possibility to edit/add recipients in CC and BCC.

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    PROXY acccess for mobile users

    Ability for mobile users to access in proxy mode to granted accounts.

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    Signature Templates

    Create a "template" solution for a system wide signature using variables. For example, Administrators could set a template that looked like this: <first_name> ...

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    Set default new folder view / display - option to have GW2014 defaults ...

    Only the Main folder has the option for "GW2014 Default" but would like it for the subfolders as well. Even better would be the option to set display defaults for new ...

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    Native Android Groupwise Client

    Please make a native Android Groupwise Client.

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    Be able to push display properties of a folder to all folders.

    Be able to push display properties of a folder to all folders.

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    Windows Client with Wine on Linux and MacOS - with HowTo's

    I would be great to solve the GroupWise Client demand with a Wine compatible Windows Client for Linux and MacOS. How To's to get this running incl. Wine requirements, ...

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    Welcome Message sent to new Users upon creation of account

    Would like the ability when creating a user to have a standard Terms of Service e-mailed to the user by the system. Currently after creating the user, needs to login to ...

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    "From" other email address

    Make it possible to use other account in the from field if user got proxy rights for this.

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    Merge TeamWorks, Vibe and Filr into a single solution

    We want one single MicroFocus team collaboration solution which integrates well with (at least) any other MicroFocus product. This would make integration with 3th party ...

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    Have an option for emails not to automatically go to a discussion ...

    When opening a new email, the new email does not display. Have to click on discussion thread and find the desired email. This can be very confusing!

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    Monitor agent with datasync

    proof datasync agent in groupwise monitor

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    CAPTCHA against Groupwise Web Access Brute Force Attacks

    As implemented in filr, it would be very helpful after a period (settable) of false logins on the Web Access, a CAPTCHA request should appear. Example of filr ...

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    2 Factor Authentication in WebAccess

    Description: As a GroupWise administrator I want to enable and require 2 factor authentication when logging into WebAccess so that users must setup and use 2 factor ...

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    Lync (now Skype for Business) needs to be integrated into groupwise

    I have a valued Novell customer using GroupWise and they are very happy with this solution. BUT now they have been using LYNC for video conferencing. The Head of ITT has ...

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    REPLY-function Version 18 SPI (build 132.269) ) - URGENT -

    In the Win Client the REPLY function doesn't work properly (Windows 7). A message "I got it" (in yellow) appers - below -. A LOT WORSE : the reply message needs to be ...

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    Rate limit the amount of sent emails (per hour or per day)

    If you have hacked accounts in your system a send email rate limit (with notifying the admin if the limit kicks in) is the only way to detect zero day SPAM emails (if ...

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    Ideas portal link in client to be optional

    New to GW18 is a link to this Ideas Portal (from Idea 12288) in at least the WebAccess client. While some administrators like this, many don't want it there and for some ...