• Completed


    Take Groupwise to the Cloud

    With everything moving to the cloud, and so much competition from online mail systems, Microfocus should take Groupwise to the cloud, and bring some a real enterprise ...

  • Completed


    Add ability to export entire mailbox to a PST format

    Especially useful for litigation collection requests where data is needed in Outlook/Exchange format.

  • Completed


    Admin must be able to enable vacation (out of office) rules on user ...

    Sometimes user forgets to enable their vacation rules or users get ill and cant enable a out of office rule. It would be great if the admin can create vacation/out of ...

  • Completed


    Option to append Global Signature to Inbound messages

    A customer of mine is looking for a way to add a Global Signature on each incoming message. For example: "THIS IS AN EXTERNAL EMAIL. For the security of xxxx, please use ...

  • Completed


    Enhance GMS GroupWise Connector to re-check for PostOffice ...

    Case the GMS service is started before the POA server that the GMS is setup to look for, then the GroupWiseMobility connector shuts down after ~30 secs as it cannot ...

  • Completed


    GWIA Outbound SMTP IP Port change capability

    Would like a new switch of --smtpsendport ## to allow the ability to change the SMTP Outgoing IP Port from 25 to a non standard IP Port. ==== We already have the ...

  • Completed


    Remove Documents Folder

    Remove the Documents folder from gw client. Should be configureable from gwadmin.

  • Completed


    Allow multi-user calendars on mobile devices

    As a Mobile user I want to be able to access multi-user calendars on my mobile devices

  • Completed


    Out of office / Vacation rule set for users from administration side

    At this moment (vacation) rules can only be set through the GroupWise client for Windows and through the GroupWise WebAccess client. There is no centralized way available ...

  • Completed


    Make base maibox folders NOT movable

    Often users move by mistake base folders of their mailbox all around and so is not uncommon to end up with things moved where they should not be. Given time they forgot ...

  • Completed


    Enable GroupWise Messenger app for MobileIron MDM (like iPrint and ...

    At the moment the iPrint and Filr apps are enabled for MobileIron MDM. That means that these apps include the MobileIron AppConnect technology which provides secure ...

  • Completed


    Make Phone numbers clickable (without TAPI)

    GroupWise uses the old TAPI or Windows Phone Provider which is far from what Jabber, Skype4Business, etc. use. In the background the links are HTML and use the TEL:xxxx ...

  • Completed


    Admin - Proxy Rights Report

    As the GroupWise administrator I want to be able to see who has proxy rights for a given user or resource so that I can perform security audits.

  • Completed


    DKIM support without 3rd party software

    Unfortunately the spammers are forcing IT world to be better protected. DKIM is one of most used methods to prevent SPAM. Most of public mail service providers require ...

  • Completed


    Remove dependence on WMS/MAPI.

    There is zero reason to keep this old relic around. Even the WMS.EXE that ships with the client is an unsupported Microsoft app. Novell managed just fine with their cross ...

  • Completed


    Messages presented in grouped/threaded/stacked form

    The GroupWise client I know doesn't quite present messages in the form that at least one of my users would like to see - and it seems like it would be a great option. ...

  • Completed


    slack integration or similar functionality

    GWIM has always been a favorite of mine. Vibe was interesting as well as pulse or the Google integration. I would like to see a SLACK integration at minimal but would ...

  • Completed


    ideas portal link at the client

    To obtain more participants on the ideas portal, my idea is of a link under "Help" on the site. Additional to that, this is useful on any kind of products like filr, ...

  • Completed


    Add user to Messenger from Multiple Trees

    As the Messenger administrator I want to add users to the messaging system from multiple trees/ldap sources

  • Completed


    GW FILR Integration with Public Link

    The initial implementation does require the recipient to register within FILR to get the Attachment. The eMail the recipient get's with the HTM Attachment is very ...