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    Git Support in designer

    I would really, really like to have support for GIT versioning in Identity Manager Designer.

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    Include pre-developed templates for workflows in designer

    It would be good to include pre-developed templates within Designer that reflects and match the new IG/IDM UI's so that the customers can design workflows that looks like ...

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    Designer should provide a possibility to compare drivers from ...

    Hi, designer should provide a possibility to compare drivers/driversets from different servers. At the moment it is very difficult to compare a driver from a test ...

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    Add "search & replace" in Designer

    Sometime you search for a constant or variables used in different drivers and there is no way to do a global search per driver or per driver set. I usually do an text ...

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    Assign a css style to designer project to distinguish multiple open ...

    Hi, I often work on several designer projects in parallel, e.g. one project in the development IDM and one project in the integration environment. To prevent mistakes ...

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    Add support for Team Foundation Server (TFS) in addition to Subversion

    IDM Designer currently has integration with Subversion. Would like to see it also support Team Foundation Server. Who would want this: Any company that is moving to ...

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    No policy found in Google App Driver's PCRS package

    No policy found in Google App Driver's PCRS package