User Experience offered by Workflow form submission is not acceptable.
The success dialog seen after submission flashes by and does not wait for user acknowledgment.

Admins do get a clear feedback on the the result of a workflow submission and they have to lookup user details to find out if the request went through without any issues.

Admin pain is particularly higher in organizations that have customized the dashboard and do not expose quick request tracking to partner/internal admins.

Product should not expect busy admins to look up request tracking to see what happened to past submissions. Feedback should be clear, immediate and wait for the admin to dismiss.

Training load and the difficulty of tracking multiple changes (Role Assignment, Enable/Disable) will add to user pain.

Suggested Fix: UserApp shall support customization of UI behavior on form submission. For example, display an informational dialog with customizable text and wait for user acknowledgment.


  • Errata: Para 2, line 1 should be "Admins do **not** get a clear feedback"