With the deprecation of IDMprov in 4.7.1, the Directory Search feature is no longer available. While this is not really a function of IDApps, the search function that is moved to the People Tab -> Users & Groups should support searching on any attribute defined in the Identity Vault. Supporting any attribute makes the search capability more in line with what was deprecated as part of IDMProv Directory Search.


  • I would appriciate if a search can be done by a mixture of attributes
    Search all users whos surname is like "Koeh*" and the surname begins with "Ma".

  • All, This capability actually exists already. Below are the steps available to add additional attributes;

    1. Extend User Entity in DAL to add the schema attributes mentioned in comment #5.
    2. Ensure that those attributes which are to searched upon should be marked searchable.
    3. For using the custom attributes for display, they can go to Settings > Customization, add them in the necessary sections on the User Card View and those attributes would appear wherever Users appear in idmdash.
    4. The attributes marked searchable in DAL would also appear as "quick" or "advanced" searchable attributes on the Users Page.
    5. (optional) In case they want the custom attribute to automatically be selected in User Search, they can go to Settings > Customization > User, add the necessary attributes in "Default User Search attributes".
    6. (Optional) In case they want to add these custom attributes during user lookup, they can add them to Settings > Customization > User > User Search Lookup attribute section.

    Regarding the comment today, when typing in the search where the filter has the attribute, it will return anything that matches. For example if you type in Koe it will retrun any User or Group that contains that in any of the attributes in the filter dynamically.

  • This request is still valid for Group searches. There are now way to extend the search capability when dealing with Groups and that should be fixed.