It seems, that when we have a dn type listbox on a form, where we have defined a display expression. Then when we load data into the listbox, the it goes something like this:

1) Query for items which satisfy the DAL Query.
2) For each result, read the object defined in the DAL entity.
3) change display expression, so we can see what we want.

While that is not a problem, if we have tiny amounts of data, it certainly is not very userfreindly to look an an massive amounts of DNs, while each object is being queried to find out what should be displayed in the listbox.

As far as i remember what LDAP can do, I believe it would be more effective (like very much more effective), if the query from "1" went like this.

1) Query for items which satisfy the DAL query, and return whatever display attributes in the result.
Then we would not need "2" and "3".

That would be an awesome change.
And imagine how it would be like, if we put paged searches on top of that.


  • It would be great to be able to do this.

  • Great idea

  • This would save us a lot of time!