TL;DR: put packages into version control without the need to checkin the whole designer project.

Version control is a good way to keep track of changes in your Designer project. Packages can also be used to keep track of changes but have the advantage of transporting the changes into another system (e.g. from test to production environment). You need the version control system to keep your packages editable over different employees or you need to use custom plugins like "mark as local".

The problem I have is that both the version control system (subversion) and the identity vault itself claim to have the current state of drivers, workflows etc. So I would like to put the packages into version control without checking in the whole project. E.g. I like to right click on the package catalog and do something like "commit my packages". If I need to develop on an existing project I would like to get the current state from the identity vault and additionaly I would like to checkout my packages from version control into this imported project.