I would really, really like to have support for GIT versioning in Identity Manager Designer.


  • This is a common request and is part of our roadmap.

  • So, Idea gets marked as "Planned" then?

  • Voting for git support in designer

  • Please! We could use this today!

  • Yes, no more Subversion!

  • +1 for git support in designer!

  • Git support in designer would really help. Please prioritize this.

  • Hello, we are phasing out SVN and need to integrate with Git. Any ETA on when this feature may be considered? thanks, Jamie

  • +1

  • +1

  • Given our focus on performance and reliability for the tool, we may not be able to deliver version control using GIT, replacing SVN, in the 4.8 time frame. What I would like to propose is while we work to replace SVN with GIT that we provide an incremental step of adding package control versioning using GIT. See IDEA#13882. Would this be a good temporary addition we could add in 4.8 time frame?