Some customers have trouble with specific VPN Solutions from Cisco or Watchguard.
Because with this tools it seems that there is a limitation for the group name field (as an example max. 42 characters are allowed). this has the impact that it is not possible to use the groups which will be returned from the AAF because the returned values are using the distinguished name from the group.

Please provide the ability to return only the CN of a group.


  • TODAY AAF Returns the following:
    1) CN=Sales-consultant-radius-Group,OU=consultant,OU=sales,DC=my,DC=Domain,DC=com
    2) CN=IT-radius-Group,OU=employee,OU=IT,DC=my,DC=Domain,DC=com

    But it should be:
    1) Sales-consultant-radius-Group
    2) IT-radius-Group