From SAP Note 2191612 - FAQ | Use of Security Audit Log as of SAP NetWeaver 7.50

42. Can recorded events be promptly transferred to a central alert cockpit?
The RFC function module RSAU_API_GET_ALERTS is made available with SAP Note 2808169. If you have configured the SAL in your local recording systems in accordance with Section A Point 3, this module delivers the most recently written alert events and then deletes them from the buffer table. The table RSAU_BUF_DATA used in this form always contains only the alert events that have not yet been called up in this configuration.
Use this function instead of direct access to the log files. This avoids instability due to internal log file format changes and reduces the administrative overhead in multiple-instance systems in particular. Favorable call intervals for the call of the RFC function module RSAU_API_GET_ALERTS lie between one and 10 minutes (depending on the system resources and alert requirements).